Heartful wishes for the 73rdIndependence day. probably here there is hardly anyone who wakeup on midnight of 15thAugust 1947,to hear Indian tryst with destiny.
We particulary , the elite who are in this campus have got double responsibility compared to common man ,to dedicate our services & life for the progress of nation. on taking steps for that the flag was hosted by our chairman at 9:00am and program was proceeded. It is the faculty &staff of the institution who should take a lead and think of giving back their best to nation by giving best services to this institution.
Yes, we all have personal agenda in progressing in our carrer but do it without forgetting responsibility towards nation. Pledge was taken by our chairman& principal along with faculty &students to make our effort responsibility towards nation.
Freedom is not matter of political decision or new constitution .It is of mind and heart and if mind named itself and is befogged and heart is full of bitterness and hatred, then freedom is absent.
The first commemorative postmark of our independent country, now used s a slogan &salutation almost everywhere in India.
‘’ Jai Hind” ‘’Jai Bharat”

Teacher Day- 5 September

Every year 5thSeptember the birthday of DR. SARVEPALLI RADHAKRISHNAN is celebrated as Teachers day. A day, kept aside to honour the gifted souls who work everybody to make sure that future is bright for all of us.
The day began by the welcome address by chairman, principal, faculty followed by lamp lighting and inspiring speech by our principal which highly inspired students which lead to give throwback to brighten the future of students.
The students enhanced the celebration by energetic performances which overwhelmed the teachers.
The program concluded with a keynote that teachers encourage mind to think hard to create &learn to use.
One child ,one teacher one pen &one book can change the world.

Ashok Singh pharmacy college celebrated ‘World Pharmacist Day” on 25thSeptember 2019.The Pharmacy Council of India passed a declaration to announce the official observing of on Pharmacist day. The event was held in seminar hall.
The day event began with welcome address by chairman, principal .Ashok Singh Pharmacy college followed , on this year theme for ‘PHARMACIST DAY’ on “SAFE AND EFFECTIVE MEDICINES FOR ALL”.
The key note speech by our principal served as facelift for the pharmacist in healthcare system. Prizes for academic proficiency in D.PHARM &winners of various competietive events, organized in day prior to pharmacist day celebration were distributed.
A Blood checking camp was organized by ASHOK SINGH PHARMACY COLLEGE (aspc)by students.Medicinal plants sampling were planted in medical ground adjacent to college.
The programme ended with vote of thanks by our principal by throwing light on to follow pharma code and ethics ,the nutshell program proved to establish the stand of pharmacist ,other healthcare professional and also served as an encouraging boost to emerging young Pharmacist.

Ashok Singh pharmacy college , took pride in celebrating and glorifying the 72th Republic day with spirit of unity. To mark the reverence of his day a grand celebration was held in college with great patriotic fervour.
The occasion was graced by the presence of the chairman, principal , faculty &students. The celebration began by unfurling the tricolor followed by the chairman at 9:30am. The students brought the stage alive by their vibrant performances. Our Principal urged every student to work with honesty &dedication for nation by his speech.
The program concluded with very inspirational speech by the Chairman. It was indeed wonderful & enriching experience by imbibing the core value of college, patriotism & love for nation.
“In a Republic , this rule ought to be observed: that the majority should not have the predominant power.

  • Marcus Tullius Cicero